Multiple listboxes

I need to show multiple listboxes showing some data, in the style of an MDI application. I thought about using a Tabcontrol, but it would need a close button in each Tab. Any ideas?

Tank you.

adapt rbcustomtabpanel to your needs.

The custom tab panel is an awesome set of controls. A bit complex to customize and some things need to be updated as the framework has changed since this was developed. But it’s really good and I rely on it in multiple apps.

Unfortunately, the CustomTabPanel is not HiPDI compliant. We’ve been working on a replacement but…clients…so no timeline. We’re doing this in our ‘free’ time.

That’s a good point Bob. As Alex built all the tabs out of little images, I can see how the HiDPI issue could be a problem. While you are working on a replacement, it would be good to have the ability to more easily change tab colors, fonts, etc. I was able to go into the depths of the control and figure some of that out but it was a pain.

If you want something that more or less behaves like MDI (several windows in a master one), you could use Container Controls made into windoids, with a control bar on top. It is not terribly difficult to move objects within a window, so it would really look like MDI. And it is easy to close a ContainerControl. The control bar could offer a red x for Windows, or a red traffic light for Mac.

TabPanel would not do for what you want to do, since each tab cannot be closed.

You can also mock up a Tab Panel with several Container Controls, and a SegmentedControl.

My own CustomTabPanel replacement “Trixi’s Tabsheets” ( is way simpler. It’s already possible to hide and show tabs. It shouldn’t be too complicated to add a close button.

Disclaimer: it needs the MBS plugins for some calls. Which also aren’t too hard to replace.

funny I cannot download your tabsheets, Beatrix ! cleanhtml has a download link but not tabsheet ?

@Jean-Yves Pochez : try again. You will need to refresh the page.

ok now - thanks.