Multiple Line Find Feature Request

Hi all,

I am working on refactoring a number of large projects in the new framework and find that I’m ending up with searches that only take one line of code into account and resulting in 1,000 or so results. In fact, what I’m looking for only concerns about 4-5 positions in my code. This means that I must trudge through the full list of results to find those 4-5 instances.

I’ve submitted a feature request to add a multi-line search similar to a grep function to allow us to search for multi-line patterns.

If this is of interest, please add your voice to <>.

You can use RegEx in the search field, would your multi-line searche be possible through RegEx?

As my note in the FR says - that’s great IF you know how to put together the Regex :smiley:

Ah, the drawback to forcing people to open a feedback app…
(glaring at Xojo, not you)


doesnt match


in a file so I guess it doesn’t search across lines even with regex :frowning:

Well that’s disappointing

I know this is missing the point of the post (a FR) but there’s always the option of saving the project as a text based xojo_project and doing the search with something like Sublime which supports multiline searching (no need for regex) then just reference back to where you found what you need in Xojo but I’m sure you thought of that :slight_smile:

Arbed has decent search facilities. But a multi-line regex test didn’t return any results.

That’s the way I do it now (and mention in the FR as the potential - and my - workaround).

Never underetsimate the power of the “VI” (thunder crashes - sinister laugh).