Multiple iOS Project Compiles get Longer and Longer

I’ve been working on different layout and icon designs and have recompiled my project around 25 times this morning. I’ve now noticed that each new Build run is taking progressively more time to the point that the last compile took over 2 minutes and paused when it listed compiling the last view object (the SPBOD showed up).

Building is obviously slower than running- but do your build times go back down after you restart the IDE, or is it related to the project itself?

It seems to be related to the project. I exited Xojo, restarted and loaded the project. The compile took almost the entire length of Eddie Money’s “Running Away” to complete (almost 3min).

I then loaded up a number of the examples and each of them builds in seconds.

I’ve run iOS a lot in the last week. What I see is that compiling isn’t so bad, but the time that it takes to get it running in the iOS Simulator is incredibly variable. Some times it’s as little as 5 seconds from the time the app starts in the simulator (zooms in) to first screen is show, to as long as 45 seconds.

All 4 1/2 hours of training video I have cut that time out because it’s dead air waiting for it to complete.

I would say it averages in the 20 - 45 second range rather than the 5 second range. I’ll see if I can start spotting any patterns.

Debugging in the simulator isn’t showing the slow down that building is. It averages 25-30 each time for me from Cmd-R to app launch on the screen for all projects I’ve tested.

That seems slow to me. Is your app very big or are you closing the iOS Simulator between runs? My app starts in the simulator in just over 2 seconds from Cmd+R on my Macbook Air (if the simulator is already running) and it’s marginally faster on my iMac.

I have noticed with Apples iOS Simulator… (using SWIFT, not XOJO) that initial run, or switching devices takes a long time (minute or so sometimes), but all runs after that (using the same simulated device) are much quicker. So the issue may not be Xojo, but the simulator itself.

Remember, I’m not talking about the time it takes for the simulator debug runs. I’m talking about actual build times - the time that it takes the compiler to build and link the finished app for testing on a real device.

@Jason Tait I do close the simulator between debug runs.

Sorry @Tim Jones, I didn’t mean to take your thread OT :). I understood you were talking about build times but as you mentioned your app being slow to launch in the simulator I was just curious as to why. I used to Cmd+Q the simulator but found it was much faster to just terminate the debugger and leave the simulator running all the time.

No worries - I’ve just had issues with the simulator getting wonky if you don’t quit it between test runs in Xcode - especially if the build number is part of your versioning scheme - you end up with multiple copies of your app on the simulator. Therefore, I close it after every test run.