multiple instances?

Why can’t I start to instances of my desktop application?
Is there an implicit instance flag I’m missing?

What platform? OS X does not allow this by default. Windows should have no trouble starting multiple instances.

Mac os x…

Maybe this will help:

Thanks Paul that worked perfectly.

[quote=49056:@Paul Lefebvre]Maybe this will help:[/quote]

thanks for this tip!

I created a menu item “FileNewWindow”

dim sh as new shell dim s as String="open -n -a "+app.LongVersion sh.Execute s Return True

works perfectly.

OS X tends to opt for running one instance with multiple documents - each in its own window - instead of one instance per document

The IDE works this way even on Windows
It’s usually less resource intensive as you don’t have multiple copies of the executable running

Under MS-DOS and Windows you could always create multiple instances of an application. On the Mac (ever since 1984) you could not; double-clicking an already running application would just bring that application to the foreground. On the Mac I would be very surprised to see multiple instances of an application running at the same time.