Multiple Apps in one project

Hi Everyone,

I think the title pretty much says it all. I’m working on a project that has multiple difference apps and I have a module that has shared code used by all the apps. What I want to do, which I can’t work out, is to have all the apps in one project so that when I make a change to the shared code module I can just rebuild all the apps in one place.

Is this even possible. I have the professional version with Desktop, Console and DB licenses. Also is there a version features matrix for XOJO anywhere on the site. I’ve been looking but can’t find anything.



A Xojo project only contains a single desktop, web or console project. You can create “External Items” and share them with multiple projects.

This is described in User Guide Book 4: Development, Chapter 5: Code Management, Section 1: Sharing Code.

I’m not aware of a matrix, but one might be a bit small. The features are all the same. A license lets you build your app for the specified license (Desktop, Web, Console) plus lets you use the Text format for your projects. The Database Access license lets you connect to database servers and use ODBC. The Xojo Pro license gives you all the other licenses plus a few other goodies.

Thanks Paul,

I was aware of the external items, that’s what I’m using now. If it is not possible to have multiple apps in a single project is it possible to build all the apps via a script? That way I might be able to create an external script to build all apps and release them in a repeatable process. I’m sure I’ve heard of scripting in the past with Real Studio…



IDE scripting could probably do this for you. Also check out the example project that allows you to run scripts in Xojo using a command-line tool:

/Advanced/IDE Scripting/IDECommunication/IDECommunicator

Thanks Paul I’ll check it out.