multiplatform testing

I just made this simple app about time tables for kids
I have Windows and I was wondering how it looks on Mac and Unix

Can someone take a look and see how they look ? (the captions are all in italian, but it’s very easy just click TEST on the left corner)

I’ve activated the sound and it speaks pseudo-Italian pronouncing as English. :frowning:

Mac OS X

Thanks so much ! It looks “decent”…the bevel buttons should be coloured tho !

bevel buttons cannot be coloured in OSX

Now I need to make a conditional system when it’s Mac detected the text color must become black.

Well. You can paint them.

On OS X there is an empty menu Crediti that contains no commands and does nothing when clicked.

It is possible to resize the window, which sometimes causes clippings:

Is the icon temporary? If not, note that it does not have transparent background:

Pseudo-italian pronounced as Polish sounds even better :slight_smile:

If there is an empty menu it must be a bug of xojo