Multiplatform plugin for skype facetime etc.

I’m looking for a plugin for a Videoconference app for mac, windows and maybe a web app. Enny hints?

Just to clarify, do you mean you’re looking for the equivalent of “SkypeMBS” or maybe “VideoCallMBS” ?
Or are you looking for video conferencing software suggestions?

Yes! Multiplatform “SkypeMBS” or maybe “VideoCallMBS” would be perfect.

We don’t have that. Sorry.

You may be able to accomplish this with WebRTC and htmlviewer.

i not tested it with video but there is one example with HTMLViewer and url
but i suggest just start Skype or Facetime app.
i would not input my user/password from ms or apple account into any app.


[quote=478924:@Greg O’Lone]You may be able to accomplish this with WebRTC and htmlviewer.[/quote]
HTMLViewer won’t work as media functionality doesn’t appear to be exposed to WebKit, and I couldn’t get them to work on macOS either as there’s no way for users to accept the request to access devices.