Multiline in Helptext-Property


I want to have a multilined helptext on a button.

If I use the Inspector and set the helptext over the IDE, I can set multilined helptexts.

If I try it in runtime over code, I get the following Exception:

[quote]Could not execute returned javascript: Unexpected token ILLEGAL
Source: Xojo.controls[‘Z3eJsDih’].object().setAttribute(‘title’,‘Users who like this post:

The following code is similar the code I use to set the helptext:

dim HT as string
for i as integer = 0 to 10 'for example
HT = HT + chr(10) + "Line " + cstr(i)

Instead of using chr(10) I tried EndOfLine.UNIX - same result

Thanks for helping!!!

me.helptag = "First Line\ Second Line"

I feel so stupid

Thanks Michel!