Multi-Windows Application and Loaded file(s)

I am facing a blank: I do not know how to continue on that project.

Short explanation:
As every application (or so), I may have more than one window on screen and my current design is at fault (and not as of today: it is a multi years bug).

The file reference whose data are loaded is also used for something else and a new feature I just added: I display some properties of the loaded file.

To do that, I simply added a FolderItem Property in a Module (filed at window file load time: for testings, I file it in the DropObject Event) and use it to display the properties in the corresponding window.

And, I had the crazy idea at testing time to check what happens if I load two (or more) windows. I display the latest loaded file specs for all windows, not the specs for the file loaded in Window 1, then the file loaded in Window 2, etc.

This is here that my brain have a blank.

Can you help me, please ?

PS: I know I do that for a different reason, but I forgot where. The above explain the strange behavior I always get, but since I do not use often that feature… (and this is the reason I forgot).

maybe your FolderItem Property is at the wrong place
if two windows show each one file i would add the FolderItem there or better inside a class or container control.
a 1:1 label you can update direct or with use of a event.

With the ockdown, I slept a little bewteen my question and now.

When avaken, I realized that I may be set a window property that I can use to refresh in Window.Activate’s time.

It worked. I am not sure how solid this is (rock solid ?).

Previous way:
At DropObject, I set the Global Property (in a Module) to the droped FolderItem.

I add a local to window new Property and set it in DropObject.
In Activate, I set the Module Global Variable using the window local value.

I tried and I get the right value in each Window.

Seems nice (and not too complex).

My FolderItem Property was at the wrong place…

u need this variable for a status bar in main window that shows only one activated window?