Multi-touch on Mac Os?

Hi guys

i was just wondering whether it’s possible to create a multi touch app on Mac OS, using (for example) , a multi touch screen like the Dell 2240T?
Is there a way (via an plug-in or otherwise) for Xojo to detect and deal with multi-touch other than the trackpad?



At this time, no Mac is screen touch enabled. All gestures take place on trackpad and Magic mouse.

It does not look as if Apple has any intention to touchify OS X. Their policy is clear : screen touch belongs to iOS, where the mouse or trackpad are strictly forbidden.

It may not be inconceivable to use a touch enabled screen on a Mac, but you would have to come up with the hardware interface. It is probably not impossible to mimic the trackpad gestures, and to emulate the mouse. I see how that would work with a Raspberry Pi for instance. Not exactly a week end project, though.

Back in 1983, the HP-150 PC used a touch screen that replaced the mouse. This much too early implementation was difficult to use because the finger is hardly precise enough to replace the mouse ; it masks the cursor to start with. I suspect you would encounter similar issues.

It sounds like it is possible if you’re willing to experiment with Touch Base.

MBS has some gesture events in some cocoa classes, but this is for a trackpad.