Multi-platform enterprise apps - without Java or Xojo?!

Is it just me who obsessively digs into application bundles of cross-platform desktop apps, especially enterprise apps, to see if the Xojo frameworks are in there?

I can’t imagine creating a native cross-platform app without Xojo these days - imagine three codebases, three development packages and three sets of support headaches? Crazy talk!

The only thing I used it QT that comes close, but still you can’t build Mac and Linux apps on Windows and a lot more freaky annoying stuff happens using Windows edited code on Mac, its probably harder to get a working Mac app that works for everyone… well its proving hard for me lol
I find C# and Mono torture
Xojo really does shine in a lot of ways, sadly I do find myself drifting back to QT or VS
Typically Xojo’s file sizes are smaller compared to QT, you don’t need to hunt dependences down which is one of the bug bares on Mac and Linux with QT
I’ll probably bond better with Xojo when I’m not re inventing the projects I’ve already done, its so easy to go back to what we already know I guess