Multi-line string literals

What are the best Xojo alternatives for copying/pasting multi-line string literals, like the PHP equivalents:

$xml = "

$xml1 = <<<XXX


Const x = "


// Syntax error

Well, seems that we have not such option.

Interestingly, even this fails:

Const x = "aaa"+chr(10)+ _ "bbb"+chr(10)+ _ "ccc"+chr(10)

Unhappily seems that I will need to pre-process and do something like this:

Dim x As String = "aaa"+chr(10)+ _ "bbb"+chr(10)+ _ "ccc"+chr(10)

Thank you anyway Brad.

He meant to define a constant within the class or module, not within the method itself.

Sometimes I forget the differentiated treatment Xojo does to internal objects and code. Sometimes I would prefer a constant in code because it would make that part more understandable at a glance. But this way is ok too. My mind isn’t completely “Xojoed” yet.
Thank you all.

Rick, you could write an IDE script which would take the clipboard, split it by carriage returns and then join it with " + Endofline + " and then insert it into the editor.

The PHP way gets points for readability and editability, of course.

I already used Brad’s suggestion for this one. Thank you all. :wink: