Multi channel audio

Hi everyone!
I am developing an interactive multimedia app for Mac which must use 8-channel audio. I am new to Xojo. The Mac has an external USB 8 channel audio card (TASCAM US-16x08) connected which can be configured as an 8-channel output through the Audio Devices section of the MacOS Audio Midi Setup system preference panel. My question is 3-fold: (a) How can I send an 8-channel wav file from Xojo (I own the full MBS plugins) assigning the channels to the output, (b) How can I import that file and (c) Can I assign individual mono files for each cannel? If any of you have experience of this topic, any suggestions and help, would be greatly appreciated. I promise I will post the solution, if I’ll find one, because my searches on the topic weren’t much enlightening. Thank you!

Well, I think you may need AVAudioChannelLayoutMBS or QTAudioChannelLayoutMBS classes in MBS Xojo Plugins.

Those allow you to assign channels in source to channels in destination.