Multi-Apps one SQLite DB

I know you are’t supposed to connect two apps to one SQLite DB for risk of corruption.
However, has anyone tried when only one is writing and the other is Read Only?

This is not correct. I think you’re meaning over a network on a shared drive. If opened as multi-user, many apps can open the one local SQLite database on the one computer at the same time. Both should just open it, one to just do reads and the other to do reads and writes.

If two computers need to be involved, use CubeSQL or similar.

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I thought that the point of the multi-user was for when you had one app but handling multiple connections. Like a web server.

Yes, the scenario I wanted to understand was if two workstations could share a single db if one was not doing a single write.

This is not advisable. Network file systems are not honest about whether they have actually written data to disk or not.


for more information.

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Cool. This was my suspicion and recommendation to a client.


In other words many apps can access a single sqlite db provided they are all on the same machine.

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Yes! sell them a Postgres DB. Free as SQLite and easy to install, if you do it, never let a client install a DB, it might not work the way you want or need it ;-).