MSSQLServerDatabase Blocking or non-blocking?

Is the MSSQLServerDatabase class supposed to not block the main thread (or other threads) in Xojo 2015r1?

In other words, am I wrong in my understanding that I should be able to perform 1 query without the query part (rs=slqselect) blocking the main thread or other threads?

Secondly am I correct in understanding that I should be able to perform more than one query at a time also without blocking other threads?

Non blocking
But you should use one connection per thread.

That’s what I thought.

Now my strategy here has been to have an array of worker threads to use. The worker thread class has the DB class in it. My assumption is that “wt_array.append new workerThread” would result in all the threads having their very own copy of the database class and therefore be able to use and drop them independently.

For the most part this works well, but intermittently a “rs=MyDB.selselect()” hangs all threads, including the main thread until the result comes back.

Strange. But well, you can always switch to my MBS Xojo SQL Plugin. There we have MT methods which do yield.