MsSql Server

Tengo una base de datos SQL Server con IP Fija. ¿Como logro que mi aplicación que se ejecuta en iCloud se conecte a esa base? Puedo comprar un ODBC como el que recomiendan , pero, ¿Como lo configuro en el servidor iCloud?

I have a MS SQL Server database with public IP Add. How do I get my application running on iCloud is connected to the base? I can buy an ODBC like to recommend, but, how do I configure it in the iCloud server?

You can use the MSSQLServer plugin that comes with Xojo (it should already be in the plugins folder). To use it from Xojo Cloud you have to make sure that you open a port in the firewall before you connect.

This page in the docs has an example on how to connect to MSSQLServer:

Thank you Jason. The problem is, MSSQLServer plugin is a Windows-only feature and i’m programming with MAC and iCloud Server is Linux.

Yeah, that makes sense. I see that you sent several emails so I will take a look at those.