Msql SSL connection not working on linux

I have console-apps that connect to a Msql-database on Azure which is SSL-secured. They work perfect on mac and windows but not on linux (ubuntu-server 18.04.6 LTS). I can also connect to the mysql-db with the mysql-client-app. Is it possible that the MsqlCommunityPlugin has TLS1.2 enabled on mac and windows, but not on linux?

Hi Michael, are your apps connecting via URLConnection? I do see some notes in the documentation that states “Usage on Linux requires libsoup 2.4.”, not sure if that is any help.

@Michael_Becker are you meaning MySQL or MS SQL?

@William_Reynolds i was connecting to a MySql without SSL without problems. I found a ticket that handles this problem and mentions that it maybe gets fixed in the next xojo-version (

@David_Cox Sorry for the spelling mistake in the header. It should read like MySql