MSIX Packaging Tool for Windows Store

Has anyone successfully converted a Xojo Windows 32bit desktop app to an App package that is accepted in the Windows Store?
The MSIX tool seems pretty new and I did not find any posts on this.
I know it creates a Windows 10 Application package and I know I need to sign the app in order to get it to work, but before signing up and spending a lot of time trying to get it to work, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this tool?

The tool can be downloaded from Microsoft here

Many have - there’s even a Forum Thread dedicated to that :wink:

I guess that’s why you don’t find many posts on that. I don’t remember having read about MSIX here on the Xojo Forums.[quote=441317:@Boudewijn Krijger] I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this tool?[/quote]
So: no, I haven’t.

I guess most Xojo Applications on the Windows Store are currently packaged as .appx.
@Eugene Dakin has written an excellent document about “How To” do that. Follow the Link from his forum post: AppX Installer for Microsoft Store with Xojo

The Microsoft Documentation is quite good, too. And at a quick glance, it’s more current than what I’ve posted as an example back in 2017. That approach still works - so I won’t look at MSIX as long as appx still works fine for submitting to the Microsoft Store.