msgBox code in a Method?

I’m not posting any code this time, since I believe it will add to the confusion… Let me explain:

I have an application that update score to a web server. This is working in my demo application.

In my demo application I have a button, doing the connecting part and receiving the answer and showing in a message box:

[code] DIM strPage as String = “” _

  • strEmail +"&password=" + strPassword + “&score=” + strTotalScore

http.Yield = TRUE
strPage = http.Get(strPage , 30)

strPage = replaceAll(strPage, “
”, EndOfLine)

MsgBox strPage[/code]

This is working. In my demo application.
But in the main application, I call the Method:

' ## UPDATE IF SCORE <> ZERO IF strTotalScore <> "" THEN updateTotalScore END IF

This seems not to work and I don’t know where to look…
So, my Q is; Is it even possible to use MsgBox in a Method?
Thank you!

You can use MsgBox anywhere, including a method.

Difficult to know what is going on from what you posted.

Thank you.
Yes, I can understand… the confusion… but it takes AGES to describe it all!!

Finding the error is little easier if I know that MsgBox works in a Method.
At least, then this is not the error!

Here is the result image:
I hope it helps to understand the question!

Actually, not 100% true. You cannot use MsgBox anywhere in a thread. MsgBox must always be called from the main thread.

Difficult to know what is going on from what you posted.[/quote]

Very. A picture of the app working doesn’t provide us with any insight.