msgbox - Can it be made modal?

As the title says. In the desktop can the msgbox be modal? Or am I better just creating another window that is modal.?
(Im using win32)

AFAIK, it can’t. Better create your own modal one.

Msgbox should already be modal
What is it you want to do as there are other modal dialog types

I just need it to stay on top and not get hidden by other windows that may get accidentally activated. In the IDE the message box doesn’t seem to stay on top all the time .

MsgBox is rather limited. I created a module based on message dialog and send the message parameters to it as global properties from whichever process needs to send a message, then call the message method in the module to display the message.

MsgBox is not at all modal in WE. Even on the desktop it allows threads to continue.

Modal generally indicates state of the UI where you can only interact with the frontmost window or dialog. In this sense, MsgBox is application modal on desktop (and web apps for that matter). Whether or not they stop processing from happening is not technically relevant to modal, although it can be a side-effect.

MsgBox is not system-modal. This is a good thing as it would be very bad if a rogue window or dialog could accidentally prevent the the operating system (or other apps) from being used.

If you just want to display a window that remains on screen all the time then you want to create a new window with the type of floating window. This window will not be modal, however.

If your app truly needs to hide the OS, then you need to look into doing something like “kiosk” mode for the OS you are using.