MS SQL Server dependencies?

So what does it take to get the XOJO MS SQL Server plugin to talk to a MS SQL Server Standard 2019? I get the “install the SQL Server Feature Pack” error, but the latest one I can find is for 2017 and seems to have no components that do anything to make the error go away. I’ve searched the forum but any semi-relevant posts are from 2014/16…f

Have you tried using the ODBC plugin rather than the MS SQL plugin? I find it works better.

Consider this a big AMEN from the congregation! Ever since I bought Christian’s SQL Server plugin a number of years ago, I haven’t had one, single problem with db connections or operation. I will echo the sentiments of many others you will find on this forum … don’t waste your time (and frustrations) with the stock Xojo plugin when the MBS alternative is a relatively cheap, problem-free alternative. Plus, if you have any problems, you get support unlike any other with direct, fast response (and solutions) from Christian … and NO, I don’t work for MBS or have any affiliation with them other than buying and using their products which have saved my sorry behind many a time!

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Thanks for the replies, everyone. I think I’ll go with MBS over using the ODBC driver since it seems to provide a lot more flexibility.

You missed the first part of my sentence with that quote… “Unfortunately

The majority of non trivial projects I have used Xojo/RB for involved databases… I would guess that is true for many if not most Xojo users… For Xojo’s sake/popularity etc, if there is any one feature/area that should be as close to 100% solid as possible and well maintained it should be Database support IMO…

The quality of the plugins they provide vary quite a bit… Heck even the Xojo Sqlite plugin (which is decent overall) does not completely report column Datatypes according to the SQLite affinity rules…

I wonder if the MBS plugin did not exist if they would have been forced to care more about their DB plugins… That is what the “unfortunately” is about.

For some of the plugins, they seem to be more about marketing than functionality…