MS SQL database support for Xojo Cloud?

It occured to me that since mssql is now fully supported on linux that perhaps xojo should support mssql in XOJO cloud
and start fixing the problems with the connections. the free version of MSSQL would be enough for a lot of people i suspect

it would make it easier for us folks that use mssql on windows to sell cloud without having to refactor for mysql or postgres
which at the moment makes it a non-starter.

you could try MBS Xojo SQL Plugin with freetds library on Linux to connect to MSSQL server.
But that would mean your server must be available via Internet.

If you would like to see MSSQL support in Xojo Cloud, please enter a feature request in Feedback.

Did anybody submit a feature request for this?

What are the Database options available for Xojo Cloud? I know I found a list somewhere quite awhile ago, but now I can’t find it.


Currently only Postgres and Mysql are available on XojoCloud

Thank you Steve.

I think I found the feature request at <>

I’ve added the case to “My Top Cases” in Feedback to give it some ranking. Anybody else?