MS SQL and MBS Plugin

Hey y’all!

I have a strange one. I’m using the MBS SQL Plugin, although I do not believe it’s at fault.
My customer can connect on the same machine as the SQL Express server, and on the local network and everything works great.

For their remote connections, connecting in a VPN, some parts work but some don’t (got to love inconsistent issues!). For one routine which makes a lot of queries I am getting the exception thrown with the message.

4200 [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]SQL Server]sp_cursorfetch: The cursor identifier value provided(1) is not valid

Since I can’t get into their network to run a debug session it’s been hard to track down. I can say for sure that it’s running the exact same query on machines that are behaving as the more remote workstations where the issue is occurring.

Could this be some for of timeout? I have everything I can think of to not time out.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

What version of windows and sql server are they using?

I’m asking the customer to confirm.

I wonder if you got to use server side cursors here.
e.g. Scrollable option is set to true.

You may try setting it to false.

db.Scrollable = false

That’s definitely a good suggestion.
I’ve done a build and sent it to my customer to test.

Thank you, Christian.

This was the exact issue. Thank you.
Now that it’s resolved and in production, I’m having a similar issue but it’s when saving records. Are there other similar settings that you are aware of that could impact writing records?