MS Access 365 / Access 2016

I am developing a database application that has to go against an Access 365 database aka Access 2016. When I connect to the DB I get an error

unrecognized database format

If I save the DB as 2003 the app runs fine. I have researched and I know there is significant number of postings about MS and the data corruption issues that can happen with MS Access. I don’t believe this is the case but the 365 version of the DB is fine. I am using an ODBC interface on both Windows 7 and Windows 10 the same results.

Has anybody run into this and if so did you find a solution to this?


I assume you are using an ODBC driver to connect to it. Have you tried using this driver from another app to see if it works? Have you tried the “test connection” in the ODBC Admin utility on Windows?

Check the versions of drivers, i.e. 32 bit vs 64 bit drivers which can cause an issue when older versions of access have been previously installed.