Moving xCode project to Xojo

Is it possible to move an exisitng xCode project to Xojo. If so are there any references that addresses the process?

I have an existing iOS application deployed for internal use and need to make some feature updates. I am fairly new to Xojo having done a couple of web apps over the last couple of years and have been happy working with the IDE. Unlike Xojo, every time I go back to work on an xCode project after not touching it for a while, I dread the refamiliarization process. Thought I would give Xojo a try for iOS development. Good ida???

TBH if you already know Xcode for creating iOS apps, there is no reason to use Xojo. iOS support in Xojo is pretty basic and you need a lot of declare to do more.

Hmmmm. That is what I was afraid of. What I could find in the docs did lead me to believe that many of the things I did in xCode would not be available in Xojo. I was hoping otherwise, thus the question.

Sounds like it would be more of a hastle to write workarounds for what was missing than refamiliarizing myself with xCode. In the end I might just find that something I really need in the existing app just cannot be done in Xojo.

If I have a new project, maybe I will give a try then