Moving Rect Control

I have 2 canvases and rectangle control framing the first canvas.
Upon pointer down I want to move the Rectangle to the second canvas.
How would I go about moving a rect control to the new location? I tried but don’t think I am on the right track?

Dim c As iOSLayoutConstraint = Self.Constraint("RectTRight") c.Offset = me.Left +me.Width+2

What happens if you add c.Active = True after your last line? Does it work then?

In general I find moving objects a bit too complicated to be honest.

I don’t move many control but when possible I create 2 sets of constraints (or more) and activate/deactivate constraints when needed.
You can have 2 constraints for the same ‘edge’.
It’s not easy to test different sets in IDE as you can’t set constraints active flag for more than one constraint at a time.
You have to select them one by one in the auto-layout listbox, ‘Select/Edit/Active/Done’ … repeatedly