Moving Objects around or coping and pasting objects in editor


Is there a feature or something that I might have enabled?

Whenever I move an existing object around, it almost looks like it duplicated and when I click on another object it moves back to the original position, when I click back on the original object, it moves to the new spot and shows two again.

It does the same things when I copy and paste a group of objects.

I probably sound really crazy. Going to see if I can screen record it but figured I would ask in case it was a feature or something. I’m coming from Visual Studio so it is definitely a learning curve.


sounds like a screen redraw issue with xojo.
if it would do a copy you would see it twice in object tree/list.
at my older laptop i had a redraw issue in xojo
because i lost hardware acceleration (for desktop apps) at my mother board build in graphics hardware after ms updates.

Please always report what Xojo version and on what platform, OS version.

Hi Tim,

Will do that for now on. I am on Windows 10 - Version 2022 Release 1.1

Hi Markus,

Appreciate the response.
At the link is a short gif of what is happening. I copy/paste the objects. Move them. When I click on the original textbox, You will see the copied objects move.

When I copy and paste the objects do indeed go into the object list with the autoincrement name.

In the meantime I am just going to drag and drop from the library.

Xojo - [TLC.xojo_binary_project *] (

Download a newer Xojo, like 2021r3.1, see if such behavior persists. Is not, it was a bug already fixed.

Hi Rick,

I mistyped. I am version 2022 1.1

Do the opposite then, try the last 2021 (r3.1) and see if the behavior shows up, if it doesn’t, we have a new bug. If it does, you may have something related to your OS/Installation/Hardware.

Can you confirm it is in a Web project?

In web all controls that can be parents make the controls inside of it “duplicate”. I reported this and the answer was “not a bug”. I will ask again because this shouldn’t be.

And for the position, my guess is that a bug in the Tab Panel control (I don’t use them, so I haven’t see that) that maybe is just in Windows.

This is “normal” for web: (2)


Good catch. His video seems to show this crazy web project behavior worsened under windows.

Then ask to change the “feature” to behave as usual instead. :rofl: