Moving a project from Xojo back to 2012r2.1 or earlier

Hi Folks,

Disclaimer - I know that moving backwards between versions is not supported and truly dangerous, the possibility of mistakenly saving an older project in the Xojo IDE is too possible to ignore. Therefore …

If you are a Real Studio user and you move a project forward to Xojo and then save it in Xojo (by mistake or otherwise), you will find that all of your TextField / TextArea controls have had their background color set to black if you take it back to Real Studio and run / build the project. All is not lost as this can be corrected by going to each TextField / TextArea control instance and simply selecting the control. When you re-save the project in the older Real Studio IDE, this will be corrected.

Of course, knowing that is still no replacement for good backups and versioning.

Sounds like this bug <>

Yes, but as far as bugs go, I don’t expect this one will get much weight as the act of moving a project backwards is an indeterminate action and not supported.

If its saved as a “.xojo_project” file you can still open it up in RB I just did it because I “raged quit” Xojo not going to be using it until the next release running into TOO many issues don’t have the time to fill out bug reports or figure out why it keeps crashing.

@Jordan Morris
There is one small problem with this idea. If you don’t report the bugs, unless someone else stumbles on them, you’ve got an almost 0% chance of them being fixed.