Moving a ListBox Column ?

AFAIK, it is not implemented in the Xojo ListBox.

So, I was thinking to ask the user the column he want to move and the location # (Insert before user given column number), then reload the ListBox contents with the ‘new values’ (load the text into different Columns as asked by the user).

Then I was asking myself if an import window with two ListBox (import data on left, load order on the right), then load the data accordingly can be a better idea.

Your opinion ?

I would us the first approach.
I can’t say why very well, but probably because that’s the ways most programs do.

Thanks Ramon,

You are right, I think at that first.

Then, I recall a db application (FileMaker ?) that use the second approach: you can assing any field # (Source Text) to any column (ListBox target).

I do not know which one can be the best / better / simplier to implement, thus the question.