MoviePlayer1: Alpha or Transparent background?

Is there any way to have MoviePlayer1 show as transparent? I’m playing a ProRes 4444 .mov that has an alpha channel, yet the background of the movie player continues to show black. I’m hoping to play a movie over top other assets/elements.


Surely there has to be a way to play a video with transparency and keep the transparency?

I don’t think Xojo can support video with transparency. For informational purposes, does QuickTime play the video transparent? If the system video player can do it, then possibly there’s a way. However, if QuickTime does not show the transparency, I would not expect MoviePlayer to be able to.

You may need to pre-render your video if you wish to overlay it.

Well, Xojo uses AVPlayer layer and if Apple supports transparency, we may be able to enable it.
But if Xojo’s control is set to be opaque, we may be out of luck.

Thanks eveyrone for the replies. When playing a ProRes 4444 video (with alpha) in Preview, it does indeed show the background as transparent.

Can you provide me a short video?

I’d love to check if my plugin can play that with transparency.

Thanks for offering!


Encoded as ProRes 4444 with no audio

Well, your movie needs to be opened in QuickTime player and saved again.

Than I can load it with AVFoundation.

I modified the donut player example and it plays it nicely.
I can send you the test project.

See picture and soon the blog entry.

Best thing I’ve read all week! Thanks for looking at this.
What codec did you use for Quicktime?

Can I take a look at the test project?


Not including GIF as a video format, as far as I know only h265 (HEVC) , VP9 and ProRes has support for alpha channel.

So best to use a MOV container with h265 or Prores video codec.

“Transparent Player” example project is included with 17.5pr6.
So just download it from our website.

see blog:

Thanks Christian!