MoviePlayer Stop Event

I am trying to write a sound player to play mp3 files from a play list. I am trying to use a MoviePlayer controller to accomplish this. I have a list of sound files that I am going through. What I want is when the first sound finishes and I get the stop event from the MoviePlayer, the code picks up the next sound and loads it into the MoviePlayer and plays it and on and on and on until I have exhausted the playlist. This works for 2 sound files, it plays the first mp3, gets the Stop event starts playing the second mp3 but I never get another Stop event after that. The second mp3 just finishes and it sits there with not Stop event. Am I missing something that needs to be reset, I have scoured the documentation and find nothing to help there.

FYI, Using XOJO Version 2014 release 1

Windows or OSX?

I’ve noticed that in Windows the play and stop events do crazy things
play event fires twice (on loading movie/song into the player and on start playing.

I had the same problem as you in windows, I used a little trick with a countup (see more in the file)

Download includes 2 files of an audioplayer (OSX / WIN)

did you report it with Feedback so eventually it could get fixed?

Axel, Thanks for the help. I failed to mention that my project was on OSX and not Windows. I also downloaded and updated version of XOJO, but that didn’t really change anything. I took a look at your code and used some of your tricks to overcome the issues with the MoviePlayer. It works much better now. Although I think the MoviePlayer object still has some buggy issues. Off to enhance my project more now, got some ideas from your code. :wink: Thanks again.