MoviePlayer option to playback mono or stereo?

Hi All,

I develop some apps for my team to review and catalog various video files. Current feature request my team has is for an option to play a video in a movie player and have an option to listen to the audio in stereo, or sum the left and right channels to mono. “we need a checkbox so we can listen in mono”

Any thoughts or advice on how to achieve this?

MoviePlayer does not have this option built-in.

But you could just have the user do it using the OS setting. For example, with macOS you can go to the Accessibility system preference, click Audio and choose “Play stereo audio as mono”. Windows 10 has a similar option in the “Ease of Access” settings.

Awesome! Thanks for the info Paul. I’ll work on having the checkbox to adjust the system preference on and off. This will allow us to confirm the audio in stereo and or mono.