movieplayer ending trigger

I would like to trigger an event or method at the end of a video or audio playback from movieplayer. I’ve had marginal success with placing code in the stop event of the player. Just looking for ideas. e.g. I can trigger a change in the listindex of a listbox in the stop event; however, it only works once. It acts like the player only hits the stop event on the first audio file, plays the second, but doesn’t actually trigger the stop event on the second audio.

Again. Just looking for ideas.

Monitor Position and compare with Duration in a timer to see when Position = Duration.

use a Timer.

if you are on OSX , look at my LittlePlayer
(see Timer Code)

Definitely OSx but the app will eventually be for the whinders audience.

Nice! Axel… Guessing it’s time I got into using timers… Thanks.

PS - That’s some pretty good coding.

Of course posting only one line describing what to do is less spectacular than a full project. Yet, that was a solution :confused:

LOL! Michel, You’ve been around awhile, I can tell… .LOL