Movieplayer doesn't show .mov file

Hello all!
I have a little problem: a movieplayer, plays a .mov file and my app play only sound and doesn’t show the images. If I play the mov with the Windows Media Player, it shows nice…
Any suggestion?

Thanks a lot

Clearly a codec issue. Have you tried changing the PlayerType property?

Yes. Seems nothing changes :frowning:
But the video is correctly played by windows media player?

May be that I check on an windows 11 arm virtual machine?

Yes a codec problem. Movieplayer is kind of fussy. Have seen examples where it just shows a black screen, whereas iMovie works. Irritating as it is, my standard solution is to use the freeware HandBrake to clean it up.

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If you have control over the MOV file, perhaps converting to MP4 would do it.

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