MoviePlayer doesn't play

I’am developing on iMac with macOS 10.13.2 and Windows 10 with Xojo 2017r3.

On my mac runs the mp4 video into the MoviePlayer without problems.
On Windows I get the MoviePlayer-Window and the movie player shows the controls and the black background but doesn’t play the movie.
The Windows standard video player is able to play the MP4 videos.
The payer type in XOJO is the “Preferred player”.

       dim f as FolderItem
        f = GetFolderItem(ls_rs.IdxField(2).StringValue,FolderItem.PathTypeURL)
        if f <> nil then
          LangtextFenster.gv_f1Film.Movie = f.OpenAsMovie
          LangtextFenster.gv_F1Film.AutoResize = false       
          LangtextFenster.gv_F1Film.AutoPlay   = true        
        end if

What goes wrong?

what is the value of ls_rs.IdxField(2).StringValue ?

You are probably missing “file:///” from the front of the filename (its needed in windows if you use PathTypeURL)

“ls_rs.IdxField(2).StringValue” is a value of a record set out of my database. It contains a complete URL path like “FILE:///”.
After executing the GetFolderItem the folderitem contains as URLPath file:////Users%5Cmic%5Cworkspace%5CDDIC%5CFilme%5C4%20Prismen%20Test%20bei%20Mikrostrabismus_1.mp4
But the native path contains a

Users\\mic\\workspace\\DDIC\\Filme\\4 Prismen Test bei Mikrostrabismus_1.mp4. Here I miss the first back slash.
On my mac the native path contains

/Users/mic/workspace/DDIC/Filme/4 Prismen Test bei Mikrostrabismus_1.mp4

Yes, I should do more checks. But in this case it will not help.

The database contains as URLPath file:///Users/mic/workspace/DDIC/Filme/4%20Prismen%20Test%20bei%20Mikrostrabismus_1.mp4

So that’s an invalid path for a windows machine, which is why the content doesn’t play.

In file explorer in windows, where do you browse to, to see the file 4 Prismen Test bei Mikrostrabismus_1.mp4 ?

It’s on D:\workspace\DDic\Filme.

I wrote the program two years ago. But my testing on windows was a little careless. Five minutes ago I’ve found that the drop event of the container object in my app isn’t working on windows.
Explanation: My database was created on mac. I’ve copied the database from mac to my windows computer. Then I’ve dropped the movie to my data dictionary app for replacing the path. But the drop event isn’t working. So the database still contains a mac file path.
I’ve thought all the time that on my windows machine the app has replaced the path into the database with the windows path.

Many thanks for your help!!