Movie.OpenURL - Movies don't play on MoviePlayer


I want to show videos in a Windows and OS desktop App. It works fine, when I store the videos locally. But I can’t manage to stream the videos by using OpenURL:

In the open event of the MoviePlayer I added:
MoviePlayer1.Movie = Movie.OpenURL(“”)

But the movie doesn’t play when I hit the play button.

I’ve also tried:

MoviePlayer1.Movie = Movie.OpenURLMovie(“”)

But then I get the error: “This item does not exist”

I’ve also tried to use videos from vimeo and from google drive. Same result.

What am I missing?

Apparently nothing
The same code for your first bit in 2019r1.1 would be

MoviePlayer1.Movie = OpenURLMovie(("")

and it doesnt work either on macOS

Tried your code in 2019r3.1 and it also doesnt work

Time you should submit a bug report I guess

It is working on windows Xojo 2020 r2.1