movie Length

How do I check movie Length? With MBS It was as easy as

m.OpenEditableMovie if m <> nil then thetime = m.duration end

but it does not work any more.

Mac? Win? Linux?
Desktop? Console? Web?

so many questions…

i forgot iOS as a new option.

Mac, desktop

I also forgot to mention

you could switch to AVFoundation functions.

Any suggestion on an easy and fast way to get this movie duration information with AVFoundation? Sorry if it seems trivial, but I am not so used to AVFoundation functions.
I need to extract this from many files in a sequence

give me a second…

Found it on Query Metadata example… I am going to study it, but I am accepting any ideas and suggestions

okay :slight_smile:

Thanks !! it seems fast enough

@Christian Schmitz , may I ask some light for creating a playlist ? I mean, how do I detect a movie has finished to start another one ? And how to use fullscreen ??

By the way, happy new year.

did you look into the AVQueuePlayerMBS class?