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I have a scientist friend whose asking me for some help with an experiment she’s conducting. We’re looking to analyse a video as it plays and monitor the movement of an object. Basically the background is static and the object is moving around.

Not sure where best to start with this - any ideas out there?

Plugins acceptable…

Oh - has to be cross platform but mainly running on Win 7

We did something very similar for a client. We tracked the movement of animals in the videos.

You can easily do this with OpenCV ( and supports all platforms.

There’s macros for ImageJ ( that utilise its particle analysis routines for this. Life is easier if your objects overlap one frame to the next, and if you have multiple objects to track, one object doesn’t overlap another from the immediately preceding frame.

Regards - Richard.

Hi Patrick,

@Alain Bailleul has some great examples on his website at Always Busy Corner such as finding objects by colour.
Alain also has some Code on Corner Detection, and many other possible examples that could be used. There are many great examples which could be used to create your own program for movement tracking. It may take a little time to make your own though.

Optic flow in the opencv would be where I would start.

OpenCV is definitely a powerful tool. I’ve used it before in the confusingly named “Processing” Java environment with the “Open Frameworks” add on. Those are made for artists and easy to setup, yet using OpenCV was still pretty heavy, having to tweak some blob parameters I barely understood.

But how do you use OpenCV in Xojo? There’s no dylib in the Mac download and I can’t find it prebuilt anywhere. Do I have to go through the hassle of compiling it myself? And then there’s all the declares to write. Has someone already done this and shared?

I agree,

I have taken stills from a video and detected objects across multiple frames. you do need plenty horsepower to do it but its possible
using Alains code

guys - thanks for the info, will see where it ends up!

Please find here a first port of OpenCV for Xojo