Move Xojo World?

Maybe Xojo World should move to another country?

District Judge Upholds Government’s Right to Search Electronics at Border

I especially liked:

[i]In rejecting this argument, Judge Korman cited the rarity of electronic device searches and questioned whether travelers need to carry computers containing sensitive data when they travel abroad.

“While it is true that laptops may make overseas work more convenient,” he wrote, “the precautions plaintiffs may choose to take to ‘mitigate’ the alleged harm associated with the remote possibility of a border search are simply among the many inconveniences associated with international travel.”[/i]

It seems to me to be a permission for industrial espionage.

So don’t carry anything sensitive, Christian - like the source code for the MBS plugins :wink:

welcome the the land of the free, again.
i Certainly won’t drag any usefull stuff in a latop if i would go there.
Probably more like a blank laptop with linux or so.

It wouldn’t make a difference, the US government believe they have a right to your sensitive information whether you are in the US or not.