Move text from a Listbox Cell to another using d'n'd ?

Using Drag and Drop:

I want to implement a Move text in a Listbox from a Cell into another Cell (same or different Row, only one Listbox). The hot key (Modifier) will be the Shift key.
(Like Cut / Paste)

Any idea ?

@Emile Schwarz — I think it would be quite difficult in pure Xojo because the drag&drop events do not consider cells. It is either the whole ListBox or a given Row. Maybe you can use the X and Y coordinates to retrieve the corresponding Cell

Getting the X,Y of the drop is easy.
Getting the Cell from the above X,Y is also easy.

The d’n’d is a bit complex, I was not able to do it.

I think we did already do something like this. Did you try?
When starting drag, you need to include rectangle for the cell area to make it visually clear that only cell is dragged.