Move row within the same ListBox

Is there a way to easily move a single row within the same ListBox? I am using 3 columns in the LB storing data in the tags of each column as well as text and a checkbox.

For example: I’d like to “move” Parent 1:Child 2 to Parent 2

Parent 1
Child 1
Child 2
Parent 2
Child 1

Set in the Window Design mode, the property that allow to move Rows ?

More info here:
Check EnableDragReorder to allow Row moving in the ListBox.

Instead you want to exchange the Row location: in that case, how do the user tell the application (s)he want to do that ?


Yes. Use the EnableDragReorder property as Emile suggests.

For more information, check out Examples/Desktop/Controls/ListBoxExample and the corresponding ListBox webinar:

Hadn’t seen the videos. That helps a bunch (me being a visual learner). I am using 2013r3 and only have GroupBox and ProgressBar in Examples/Desktop/Controls/. Any idea where I could download the ListBoxExample? r2 has the same 2 projects and I have looked through the other example projects but can’t seem to find it.

Download 2013r3.1 to get the uploaded examples or download them from the link on the Doc Wiki home page: