Move Project Folders

I need to reorganize my hard drive. Can I move project folders to a new location? Right now, I have a folder called XoJo Projects on the root of my MacBook. There are subfolders for several projects I have written over the years. Can I move the XoJo Projects folder to Documents without causing problems?

Which format do you use? If you only use a main Xojo project file or the text format you should be able to do so. I’m using a main project with external items and had huge trouble with reorganization or even using the project on another computer.

I have some binary and some XML.

I think that what Beatrix means is if you are using any External items, modules, classes etc. The references to these eternal items will be lost if you move the project file to another location. Also, any bitmaps used in your projects will have to be moved as well.

When I have done this I make sure that ANY external items are imported into my project before the move.

Use the File > Collect Project Items before you move the project to remedy that, Simon.

Thanks, Tim, that was an unknown function for me.


move your master folder to the Documents folder,
open a project folder,
try to compile it,
if everything is OK, change nothing.

If you have troubles, check what they are and at last, do not save anything: quit Xojo and move the master folder back to where it was.

Two questions:
a. Why creating a master folder in the boot volume ?
(When the Finder ask you for the password to authorize you to create a folder there does not ring a bell ?)

b. Why do you want to move your master project ?
(Did you have troubles recently developing with Xojo projects there ?)