Move External Items

I have hundreds of referenced graphics across dozens of folders in the Finder. (All sub folders are under one master folder.) How can I move the folder they are in without having to manually locate each of them when I next open my project? Please don’t make me click that many times.

If you are using Binary format, save your project in text format (Xojo Project), use a text editor to fix the paths, then open & save back as binary. If you are already using Text format, just edit it before opening. Obviously, make backups before you go hacking inside your project!


I believe Arbed has something that may help the process:

Consolidate all external items (pictures, code, etc.) into the project or into a folder, e.g. for easier distribution of your source code.



Just try it. You might be surprised that the IDE just handles the new location with no interaction required.

Windows ?
OS X ?
What format is the project saved in ?

( On Windows IDE, project in binary format ) I have found that if you just copy the folder which contains your project with images and/or external modules in sub folders, then run the IDE it looks like it works OK, BUT right-click on an image or external module shows it is still using the one in the original folder (!) IE: Absolute paths seem to be preferred over relative )

The fix I have used is to:-

  1. Copy the project folder
  2. Rename the old one
  3. Open the IDE and it will ask me to resolve the references
  4. Save and exit
  5. Rename the original back.

I even had this the other day when connecting a windows laptop to my net, connecting to my main PC, copying a project folder to it, installed latest release of Xojo, opened the IDE and the external items were being used from the other PC !
I presume it had the absolute paths stored as \\pcname\…\… rather than c:\…\…

I’m surprised external modules and images do not have a use relative path property.

Feedback submitted to add a property to select realve vs absolute paths for external items: number: 36724

After running into this issue recently, I’ve found the best way to resolve this is to edit the xojo_project file with a text editor then search and replace all the absolute paths with the relative paths you need (assuming you are using the xojo text format).

Note that performing a “Save As” in Xojo will change all your relative paths back to absolute, so just use finder or explorer to copy your project directory where you need it to go.

Also, I tried the Arbed utility but that doesn’t seem to support the .xojo_project format.