Move App to Applications Folder

That would be the perfect solution but as I mentioned earlier they specifically requested that and popups to quote “are a waste of time” so they asked to be done like that, we please the customer to avoid putting them in trouble. hope you got my point

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With those, trust me , they will open a ticked, go crazy, and create useless problems, so until apple totally blocks us doing that then we will have to find another way, until then, we do our best to avoid issues from both sides.

That will not work (anymore) when your app is code signed and the user has macOS 10.11

That’s probably the best approach in your case. Those customers are usually the first ones rolling out updates of the OS, so good for your business, once Apple has blocked all your functionality. Then Apple is the bad guy, you are only the messenger and the updates of your app will cost some extra money :-). Good luck!

I think that you can instead use the line:

Var f As New FolderItem("", FolderItem.PathModes.Native)

and you might find it easier to understand rather than the trail of Parent.Parent… but I have not extensively tested this. I believe this notion is supported in the documentation.

Just what I use in my app to find out where it is.

You can trust the high level of stupidity in users for a good content of them refusing to have the app copied, and file a support request.

I modified existing code written before API 2.00. Sorry.

“If you make your code idiot proof, the world will just produce better idiots.”


indeed, but some times we need the better idiots , and you cannot please everybody