MouseWheel event on Windows not firing when shift key is down?

I’ve encountered a seemingly major difference between the behavior of the mouseWheel event on Windows and Mac.

On the Mac, when the mouse wheel is moved over a control (in this case, a container control), the mouseWheel event fires, regardless of the state of any modifier keys. On Windows, however, it seems that the event does not fire if the Shift key is held down. (It DOES fire with the Control or Option keys down, but not Shift.)

Is this by design? If so, why? If not, is there an existing Feedback case? Any workarounds?



I can not reproduce this, here the mouse wheel works with the Shift, Ctr, Alt, AltGr, etc. key.
Windows 8 Pro 32 bit and current Xojo Beta.

Thanks for the testing. I’ve been working with XP, but will check on Windows 8 later today and post back…

Yes; it works with the shift key down for me as well under Windows 8. So it appears that the problem is only on XP, and possibly Vista and Win 7.

I guess I’ll file a case…

Case number 28033 if anyone is interested.

Does the mouse wheel work in XP itself when you hold shift ?
It doesn’t here in the explorer just browsing a list of files when I hold the shift key down so maybe this is an XP thing ?
Sure seems to be that way.

The sample project in feedback 28033 works for me with Windows XP SP3. But I can not scroll with Shift or Control key in Windows Explorer.