MouseOver on Canvas

I’m implementing Dashboard button, and thinking of using Canvas because the normal button doesn’t look good in Dashboard.
I mean because of button border, it doesn’t look clean.

So, I want to use Canvas.
If I could implement MouseOver event in Canvas, I can change the color or canvas(button) when I move my mouse on. That’s what I want to get.

With CanvasDrawRect sample project, I see the one I’m looking for.
However, I noticed that the MouseOver effect(?) only happens when I just move the Mouse inside the Canvas.

link text

Can you let me know what I’m missing?
Today, I make so many questions. Sorry about that.

Perhaps you want to use MouseEnter/MouseExit event handlers?

You might also want to look at this example project:

Examples/Desktop/Custom Controls/CanvasButton

I feel very free for handling Canvas event for now.

Thanks a lot.