Mouseover clues font size?

The area in the lower part of the editor that shows clues for various methods and functions, is there a way to change that font?

Reason being on my system it’s very small so I’d like to make it a little bigger.

Also, it only seems to work on mouseover which is odd, any way to change that?

I’d like to see line numbers and clues when I move the text caret around as I’m editing, else I have to grab the mouse just to see what line I’m on.

Bumping this one after a few days, hope nobody minds…

Any help making the information status line bigger would be great, my eyes are not what they used to be :frowning:

And… Is it just me, or should the clues and line numbers not show when moving around in the editor using the keyboard? Moving the mouse just to see line numbers and code hints is pretty annoying.

I detest using the mouse if it’s not absolutely necessary.

It’s not customizable