MouseDown in Container added with EmbedWithin

I’m improving the tour of my app. Instead of putting different containers on pages of a page panel I now have different types of containers and embed them with EmbedWithin. The containers have subcontainers with buttons. 4 containers show some text and have a button with a link. This works fine. The container with a text area and 2 buttons makes the problem. MouseEnter and MouseExit works fine. But MouseDown doesn’t fire.

This is the problematic container:

And here is the result:

The up and down buttons show when there is more text to see and should scroll up and down. For now I have brute-forced the buttons with System.MouseDown. But this is not very smooth.

Why don’t I get the MouseDown event and how do I get it back?

Is the parent catching the mousedown event ? if so you could try to return true on the x and x bounds of the container so that it propagates trough.

I thought that I had checked that. But now I got the MouseDown in the container to fire. Still odd.

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