Mouse wheel event in canvas

I brought up this problem a long time ago and it still exists. I now have some more information that may help you track the problem though. Basically the area in which the mouse wheel event fires in a canvas on a tab control with a toolbar above it does not match the physical position of the canvas. Everything is shifted 80 pixels up including where the mouse wheel event fires and the Y value returned. All other mouse events in the same canvas fire correctly and with the right coordinates. Please see the most recent post in feedback entry number 12430 for more information and a screen shot. I have been putting up with this bug for years now and I would really like it fixed please.

Create a canvas subclass, shift the Y value by 80 pixels when calling the mousewheel event definition. And that should work fine. Once the bug is fixed, simply remove the adding of 80 pixels or remove the subclass and replace the supers back to a regular canvas.


I second the motion. As a newbie, this bug has already cost me about an hour. I’ve had to remember to compensate for it about 10 times so far.

Can’t you create the subclass and use it every time. That should not take too long.