Mouse position doesn't match to ChartCursor(Amcharts)

I’m using Amcharts JavaScript library in HTMLViewer(webkit). It works well.
However, I have an issue.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

Mouse position doesn’t match to the cursor of Charts, all the time mouse stands leftside of it.
When I start my application for the first time, it matches correctly but in case I increase or maximize the Windows screen, this issue happens.

Do you think this is an issue of HTMLViewer or Amcharts?

Normally users use Amcharts in Web browser, so its Support is not able to reproduce this issue on the browser, so I think it is related to HTMLViewer.

Any workaround would be helpful.

The only reference JavaScript has is within the HTMLViewer. For it, zero is the left of HTMLViewer.

I will try to use Window.Maximize event to catch the time when I could reload the HTML(JavaScript) by calling location.reload(True).

I will get you posted once I get the meaningful result.

I tried to use “location.reload”, then the mouse position matches the Chart cursor. My assumption seems to be correct.

'Maximize event of MainWindow

  'Method: DisplayHTMLChartReload

However, strangely when I maximize Window screen and it calls DisplayHTMLChartReload method, I don’t see any Chart on HTMLViewr, only after clicking the button which calls DisplayHTMLChart, it is displayed again.

Logically, calling DisplayHTMLChartReload and clicking DisplayHTMLChart is the same though.

Can you guess which point am I wrong?
Is there any way to force DisplayButton.Action event got fired without needing to click the button again?


Anyone has an idea on this issue?